Oracle Hardware Offerings

With an Oracle server you can easily meet performance, accessibility, and productivity demands of today’s busy world. The Oracle hardware products we find to meet your needs will feature built-in virtualization, cloud enablement, and system management, and are already optimized to run Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, and Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center.

Working with existing non-Oracle applications? There’s no need to spend additional budget on restructuring your IT environment – Oracle hardware supports both Oracle and non-Oracle applications.

LTS can help you choose the right products from Oracle’s entire hardware portfolio, including:

Let our experts get to know you and your organization’s needs. When we do, we can act as your guide and go-between with Oracle so you end up with the right hardware – at the right price – to meet your IT requirements. Our procurement process is streamlined so you can avoid lengthy research, extended negotiations, exhaustive price comparing, and extensive terms and conditions agreements prior to installment.